Full But Still Empty

An excerpt from Who Are You? Discovering Your Real Identity by Chris Butler

Often people try so hard to find happiness through sense pleasure that they may attempt to gratify several or all of their senses at the same time. For example, you may simultaneously be watching TV, surfing the internet, munching potato chips, sipping beer, and smoking a cigarette. Perhaps you may have your arm around the shoulders of your girlfriend or boyfriend. You may also have your smartphone at your side so you can order a pizza during commercials. You try to fill up every sense; yet still you're not satisfied. Still you want something more.

You can eat so much food that your belly aches—yet you still want more! Even though your belly is filled to the point of physical pain, you, the self, are not full; you still desire to consume more. The fact that the body can be full or satisfied while you still feel empty is evidence your body is not you.