Psychology Was Originally the Study of the Soul

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You see psychologists, at one time psychiatry, psychology, at one time meant the study of the soul. Psyche actually means soul. Originally the meaning is soul, the spirit soul, okay, psyche. Then gradually as, you know, atheism more and more became the name of the game, the idea of a soul was considered superstitious.

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So then psychology, psychiatry became not the study of the soul, but the study of the mind. But then gradually even this became the… the word mind became considered, started being considered too vague, you see? So then they just started directly saying the brain. So, then psychology then was no longer the study of the mind even, but simply of the brain. Because they reduced everything to the brain, you see? First they reduced the soul to the mind, then they reduced the mind to the brain. Okay? Now they're sitting there trying to have to explain the whole thing with this guy who doesn't have a brain. Here they’re trying, here their whole thing just went out the window. Psychology is now as empty as that guy's head. Isn't that right? They took the soul, no soul, then they got rid of the mind, okay? Then they reduced everything to the brain. Here is all the answers: in this computer everything is contained. Wow! You know, glorifying, worshipping the brain, right? It is it, right? This is it! Contains the whole thing man. It's right here in this little grey little lump of matter, yes.

Isn't that true? This is psychology and everything, behavior, everything, that is contained here in this little brain, right? Along comes reality, takes it out of their hand man, and here they are, they're sitting there with nothing. Just a handful of spinal fluid. Here it's dripping and pouring out their fingers and they're trying to figure it out. Sheesh, where is the thoughts man? How are we going to explain how behavior is, where are the electrodes? Ooh, Ooh, let's push the electrodes here, there. Where's the memory? Where's the speech center? Do it here with a glass of water, right here psychiatrists, here you go, here you go, here's your spinal fluid right, here, why don't you use this? Here's the brain, “Oh, where's memory? Ooh, Where's memory?", while I’m at it (drinks water). This is their situation; they’ve reduced everything to the brain and now the brain’s out. Somebody showed up with no brain and said, "Hi, I can remember. Hi, I exist", and guess what? No brain. “Click” And not just one person, but lots of people (laughs). Now I'd like to ask that Dr. Lynn at the State Hospital, you say you know as much about the mind as the orthopedist knows about bones?

Jagad Guru Chris Butler - founder of Science of Identity Foundation