About Science Of Identity Foundation


Science of Identity Foundation was established by Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda in 1977 to pass on the ancient teachings of yoga in a scientific, logical, and clear manner so that people can, with intelligence, seriously contemplate upon, consider, and apply them in their own personal lives to achieve optimum physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Science of Identity Foundation seeks to provide information and services to individuals who are serious about learning yoga practices and philosophy with the intention of applying them in their personal lives. Yoga is an individual (rather than a team) pursuit or endeavor.

Science of Identity Foundation conducts yoga classes, seminars, and other activities to make these practices and teachings available. Around the world many disciples and students of Siddhaswarupananda are making these teachings and practices available to people in their neighborhoods and communities by teaching yoga in hospitals, old age homes, fitness clubs, spas, community centers, etc. A number of these yoga teachers have started yoga organizations and schools of their own in different countries.

Science of Identity Foundation presents ancient yoga/Vedic wisdom tailored to modern-day audiences through television, Internet, books, and video and audio recordings.

Q & A About Science of Identity Foundation


Question: What do you mean by science?

Answer: Science is a quest to know the truth by direct perception, rather than through a belief system. This is also the goal of all yoga processes, to allow the aspirant to experience direct perception. The yogi, like the modern scientist, employs the laws of logic and observation, but does not limit his search for the truth only to that which is outside of himself. His scientific research also involves inner work—for example, observation of and learning about the nature of his mind, his behavior, his actions, etc. The word ‘science’ differentiates yoga from a ‘religious’ belief system.

Question: How does that relate to identity?

Answer: Discovering the truth of our identity, also known as self realization (i.e. our true essence and relationship to the physical body, the mind, etc.) is vital to realizing the actual purpose of life and where actual happiness is found.

Question: What does yoga have to do with science and identity? What does the “science of yoga” mean?

Answer: The goal of all yoga processes is to lead one to a correct understanding of oneself and the world in which we live; and, furthermore, to apply that correct understanding in life. Unlike religion, in which an individual may believe or not believe in something (regardless of its truth or untruth) the process of yoga is one which allows a person to experience direct perception of the truth. In other words, it is a science, and as a science it is a quest to understand or know the truth as it is—regardless of whether the yoga practitioner wants to believe that truth or not. True understanding of the nature of things and their actual relationships is known as self-realization. Acting on the basis of that self-realization is known as wisdom.

Question: What is the science of identity?

Answer: It is the science of self-discovery. It is the science of yoga.

Question: I thought that yoga is a set of physical exercises or postures.

Answer: That is a common misperception. The word yoga actually means the union or linking up of the individual spirit soul, the individual soul or atma, with the Supreme atma or the Supreme Soul.

Question: What’s the difference between Vaisnava Hinduism and Yoga?

Answer: Vaisnava Hinduism and the path of yoga are the same thing. It is a process of self-discovery, it is not something that you convert into, rather it is a path that you follow or it is a process of discovering who you already are. It is not a matter of becoming somebody that you are not, it is a matter of uncovering the truth about your real identity. So that is not something you can convert into. So the spiritual path is a path of self-discovery, an individual practice. It is not a group sport or a group identity.

Question: So is the Science of Identity Foundation something I can join?

Answer: The basic process or system is that it's an individual endeavor. When you leave this world you're going to have to leave alone, you’re not going to be able to take anyone with you or anything. When you’re on your deathbed, you’re going to have to leave everyone behind. So the point that you've come to in your relationship with God is going to determine where you go next. It’s an individual endeavor is not a team effort.

Some people get their strength by being a member of a team or group, but that's not spiritual strength. This is the problem with many people when they think of yoga or having a guru, they think in terms of becoming a member of a team or joining something and then I'll get my strength from that, now that they're a member of something bigger than themselves, etc.

But you're going to have to leave whatever team you join, whether it’s a religious team or any other kind of group, ultimately you’re going to have to leave that when you leave this world. So it doesn't do a person any good to get their strength from being a member of a team or group, whether it’s a spiritual group or religious group or non-religious group. This is a key understanding that a person has to have.

Question: How do I become a student?

Answer: What you do is get learning material and read, study, listen to lectures, and learn the mediation practices and start to apply them in your life. If after hearing and practicing for a while, you feel it is helping you, you're learning something, your spiritual understanding is deepening, then continue the process. If not, then naturally you will stop.

Question: Some people say that there can only be one bonafide spiritual master on the planet at a time.

Answer: Some people may believe this, but believing something doesn't make it true. In order to establish something as truth, one needs to reference the authoritative Vaishnava Hindu yoga scripture. You will not find that idea in a Hindu or yoga scripture. There are so many billions of people in the planet. It’d be ridiculous if there were only one bonafide guru or teacher.

Question: So, does Jagad Guru teach that he’s the only bonafide Vaishnava Hindu spiritual master, or Vaishnava yoga spiritual master on the planet today?

Answer: Of course not. If Jagad Guru believed that, he would not have joined with a number of other Vaishnava gurus establish the World Vaishnava Association. The World Vaishnava Association is a loose knit organization of different Vaishnava gurus, each with their own disciples and students and their own missions.

Question: Why do you do what you do?

Answer: Science of Identity Foundation is an educational organization set up for the purpose of spreading the ancient yoga teachings as taught through the ancient Brahma Madhva Gaudiya Vaishnava tradition and lineage. Part of the system of yoga is the practice of karma yoga whereby a person finds fulfillment through service to others. The teaching and work of Science of Identity Foundation is the attempt by Jagad Guru Siddhaswarupananda to offer service to others by disseminating yoga wisdom to as many people as possible.