You Have to Exist to Be in the Illusion That You Don’t Exist

Transcript of the video:

How can a person who does not exist be in the illusion that he exists? The self is the one who is deluded, okay? So, if he is not there, how can he be deluded? If I'm sitting here, and here is my friend, Charley, sitting here, right? You know, I got my buddy here, right, and I'm sitting here, let's say, while I'm giving my talk here, okay? Let's just say I start talking to Charley. Oh, Charley, what do you think about this talk? What do you think about what we are saying here? You know. And you all start looking at me a little weird, you know? (Laughter). Well, you know, the problem is, the problem is Charley, you're in the illusion that you exist when you really don't. You see, that's basically your problem. (laughter)

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You know, if I told her this, if I… you know, if I told you that you are in the illusion that you exist, or whatever, you're in some illusion, right, then, you start thinking, "Well, that might make sense." But if I were to tell no one that they are in the illusion that they exist, okay, then there is a problem. There has to be someone to be in illusion, right? Okay.

Jagad Guru Chris Butler - founder of Science of Identity Foundation